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WWE Suspends Hall of Famer’s Legends Contract

As we noted before, WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper held “Stone Cold” Steve Austin responsible for his podcast being removed from PodcastOne.

In case you didn’t know about the situation, comedian Will Sasso did an Austin impersonation on Piper’s show and Austin was not happy with it.

Some of the things joked about were Austin’s rumored WrestleMania 31 week ‘heat’ with Vince McMahon, quitting WWE, basing his career off of “What” and “Hell Yeah”. Steve Austin had the following to say regarding Piper’s comments: “…To Roddy, you’re one of the all time greats in the professional wrestling business. I cheered for you as a babyface, I booed for you as a heel, and respected everything that you did. Your Hall of Fame career speaks for what it is… to that, no hard feelings. I don’t want to back and forth on this; it’s a closed book… that’s my side of the story.

I will not respond to anything else. What I have spoken is the bottom line, and what I’ve spoken is the truth. I had nothing to do with Roddy Piper leaving PodcastOne. End of story.”

Ric Flair noted on his Wooooo Nation podcast that Roddy Piper requested to be released from his Podcast One contract. Flair also noted that WWE suspended Roddy Piper’s Legends contract as a result of the rumored issues with Austin.

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