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WWE Teased Return Of 2 Wrestlers On This Week’s NXT

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On the July 4th episode of WWE NXT, The Creed Brothers lost a “Loser Leaves NXT” match to The Dyad.

Fans were expecting The Creed Brothers to debut on the WWE main roster after this, but that’s not the case.

According to the Wrestling Observer, The Creed Brothers will stay in NXT and were hidden under masks during a segment on this week’s show:

“Did you see the thing with The Schism and Ivy Nile? The Schism wants to recruit Ivy now.

You notice the guys in the mask pretending to be with the part of The Schism were actually The Creeds under masks.

I don’t know how long it’s gonna go, but there’s a whole… remember the whole group of mass dudes? They got a whole group of Schism guys. When they’re walking away, the last two are Brutus and Julius, totally hidden.

You’re not supposed to know who they are, but it wasn’t so hidden because Ivy gave them a look and everything like that. But that’s, that’s what it was.

Yeah. So they’re definitely coming back with, I don’t know if they’re coming back under masks to avert the avoid, you know, the loser leaves town, losers to come back under masks and do that gimmick, but they are not going to the main roster.

So, when there were people there who were assured that in fact, they were not going to the main roster, and I thought, eh, it’s WWE. They lie to people to hide stuff all the time, but they were telling the truth on this one.”

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