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8. JBL Talks About Being In The Right Place At The Right Time For His WWE Title Run

During a recent interview with ESPN UK, former WWE Champion JBL was asked about his longest WWE Title run on SmackDown, working with Eddie Guerrero & more. Below are the highlights:

The run that led to him becoming the longest-reigning WWE Champion on SmackDown:

“It just happened that I was in the right place at the right time. It was late in my career, and I thought my career was over. I tore my biceps and had two hernia surgeries. I didn’t know if I would do much of anything again, and all of a sudden you have people get hurt.

Kurt Angle got hurt, Brock Lesnar had left the company, and WWE needed somebody against Eddie Guerrero right away. That’s when the JBL character was created.”

Feuding with WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero:

“We did the storyline where we gave Eddie’s mother a heart attack in El Paso, which almost got me killed. I literally had a police escort out of El Paso and all the way to Odessa. The police told me not to come back, that they thought I would get killed. It was that great. We set an attendance record at Staples Center in Los Angeles a few weeks later, and because of Eddie Guerrero, he molded my character. Eddie wanted my character to work.”

If it had been anybody but Eddie Guerrero, you would have never heard of JBL. But because of Eddie, I had that incredible run, and it was just the right time. I had the perfect foil in this incredible Latino star, who was one of my best friends.”

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