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WWE To Get Involved In Cryptocurrency?

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• WWE To Get Involved In Cryptocurrency?

Former WWE Diva Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet) became an Executive in  Cornerstone Global Management LLC last year, which is a cryptocurrency company.

During an interview on Crypto Currency with Matthew Moore, Summer was asked if WWE has a plan to get involved in cryptocurrency (similar to their involvement in NFTs).

Here’s what she said:

“As of right now, I don’t think anyone in WWE does. It’s very interesting, we do have financial planning people come in and you know, it’s interesting, the financial planners because they just don’t love crypto.

As of like, the beginning of last year and then towards the end of the year, they started to kind of just have to fold and start telling people ‘oh maybe you could invest in this or that or whatever’, so, yeah, as of right now, I don’t think anyone in WWE is.

I’m sure they have a plan, I’m just not really familiar with it. Everyone is an independent contractor in WWE as well, you know, so we’re not employees of them. So everyone is kind of free to do whatever they want with their own money, so it would kind of be on an individual basis.

WWE is so on their game, I find it very hard to think they don’t have a crypto portion somewhere in the headquarters, where they’re thinking about it, wondering how they can get in and they want to monetize things, they’re not stupid.

So, yeah like that would be a really cool option, you know. We have the video game with WWE 2K where I’m in the video game as well, which is crazy and such a cool trip.

There’s always going to be things evolving. And I will say Vince is in his like, mid to late 70s. So you know with Vince, it’s like though he’s older, he’s always, maybe he just has a good team, but he’s always on the edge of things.

He’s always wanting to learn how can we do, what can we do, you know, money money money. And there’s money in the Metaverse, there’s money in NTF, there’s no way that they don’t have that.”

Summer Rae got signed by WWE in 2011. She made her WWE main roster debut in 2013 and got released in 2017.

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