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WWE Using Ronda Rousey To Increase Stephanie McMahon’s Star Power, Steve Austin Comments On Working With Mike Tyson

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• Steve Austin Comments On Working With Mike Tyson, Things Not Going His Way During His Match With Shawn Michaels At WrestleMania 14

During a recent edition of The Steve Austin Show podcast, WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin talked about working with Mike Tyson and his feud with Shawn Michaels heading into WrestleMania 14. Below are the highlights:

On working with Mike Tyson:

“I remember his posse was in there, I hit all four corners going completely all disrespect to him because he’s a Boxer and he’s in my world now. Then we did the face off, and I flipped the bird and then he pushed me; the cash register started ringing right then.

We needed that; Shawn Michaels wasn’t in the best place mentally, his back was busted up, and had been on a hell of a run underappreciated. We were fixing in to go in and he was going to drop the belt to me, but that was the build up. Without Mike Tyson, that match would have been what it would have been, we would have traded the belt, but with the eyes that Tyson brought with mainstream media to the product, it was just phenomenal.

It was great piece of business working with Tyson, and the thing with Mike Tyson is that I just saw him a few months ago at the Ritz-Carlton, and gave him a huge hug, and that guy is such a historian of the business, he knew more about the history of the business than some of the boys, which was why it was fun to hang around with the guy.”

On his match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 14:

“Shawn was beat to shreds; but he is such a performer, he could have literally been paralyzed because he is Mr. WrestleMania and is that good, but that is a good point, I’m not going to ask him about it. I rarely talk to Shawn Michaels, but we are really good friends.

When I came into the company in late 95-96, I started off working with Savio Vega, who really got me into ring shape, but then I started working with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

I was getting kicked in the mouth or tapping to the Sharpshooter every night, but that was fun because I was working with top guys; so once I got into my match at WrestleMania 14 and started working with Shawn I knew I could light it up with Shawn, and yes, things didn’t go as I would have liked it to on that night.”

• WWE Using Ronda Rousey To Increase Stephanie McMahon’s Star Power

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is using Ronda Rousey to increase Stephanie McMahon’s star power outside of the WWE.

While Stephanie McMahon is considered a big name in Pro Wrestling, she isn’t considered a mainstream star.

This is the reason why WWE is booking a mixed tag team match between the team of Stephanie McMahon & Triple H vs. Ronda Rousey and a male star (The Rock or Kurt Angle or Braun Strowman).

The logic behind this is what made Vince McMahon a mainstream star – a feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. What made Stone Cold a mainstream star? A feud with Mike Tyson in 1998.

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