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WWE Was Very Close To Bringing Back Controversial Name Before Drug Incident

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Former NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream’s WWE career went downhill after he was accused of sexual harassment by an underage boy.

He was released from WWE in 2021.

In 2022, Velveteen noted that he was never guilty and wants to return to WWE. However, things got worse for him in August.

Velveteen (real name: Patrick Clark) was arrested on August 20th in Orlando, Florida on battery (bit and punched a gym employee) and trespassing charges.

He pleaded not guilty to these charges. He was released after he posted $1,200 in bail.

Then on August 26th, he was arrested again, this time for an out-of-state warrant on drug possession.

Officer Carlos Rivera of the Altamonte Springs Police Department had the following to say about arresting Patrick for possession of Cocaine and destroying physical evidence:

“Sitting inside I observed a black male later identified as Patrick Clark, who was speaking with PFC Belt. Clark provided his Maryland driver’s license and vehicle information to PFC Belt, who then walked back to his patrol vehicle.

I remained on the passenger side door keeping a visual of Clark to maintain Officer Safety. While standing outside the passenger door I observed Clark pull a small clear baggie containing a white powdery substance out of his wallet.

Clark proceeded to open the baggie placing the white powdery substance on the side of his left hand in a line pattern. Based on my training and experience I recognized the white powdery substance to be cocaine.

At that time Clark began to sniff the white powdery substance up his nose. I began to wave PFC Belt over to the vehicle for assistance. I then began to tell Clark to drop the baggie and to place his hands in the air.

During this time Clark was attempting to conceal the small clear baggie in between the driver seat and center console with white powdery substance spilling on the driver seat as well as his person.

Clark then exited the vehicle and was placed in agency issued handcuffs for further investigation.

Based on the above information I find probably cause to charge Clark with F.S.S 893.13 6a Possession of Cocaine when I observed Clark sitting in the driver seat snorting a white powdery substance which field tested positive for cocaine from a small plastic baggie, and F.S.S 918.13 1a Destroying Evidence when Clark attempted to ingest the cocaine in the plastic baggie as he believed Law Enforcement was no longer able to observe his actions.

This was an attempt to deceive law enforcement. Clark was placed in agency issued handcuffs that were checked for proper fit and double locked. He was then transported to the Seminole County Jail for further processing.

The cocaine was weighed on an agency calibrated scale showing bag weight of 0.1 grams. It was then dropped into evidence.”

TMZ Sports later released the video of Dream’s arrest, where he said the following to the Police Officer:

“Hang up your f**king phone, sir! I was not given my Miranda rights! You f**ked up! You f**ked up, sir! I was not given my Miranda rights, so go ahead and bring me to your motherf**king station, you f**ked up! Think about that, sir!

How’d you f**k up the Miranda rights, sir?! What are you, a rookie?! What’re you, a rookie?! Oh! We got a rookie on deck!”

You can watch it below:

According to insider source BWE, WWE was very close to bringing Velveteen Dream back before this drug incident happened.

It looks like Velveteen Dream will most likely never be back in WWE.

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