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WWF Legend Defends The Rock Over Steroid Accusations

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• WWF Legend Defends The Rock Over Steroid Accusations

On the latest episode of his weekly ‘Kliq This’ podcast, WWF/WCW Legend Kevin Nash defended fellow WWF Legend The Rock over the recent steroid use accusations by famous UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Here’s what ‘Big Daddy Cool’ Diesel said:

“Rogan’s latest thing is that he’s come out after Dwayne [Johnson], saying that… The Rock is saying that he doesn’t use PEDs and Rogan is telling [everyone] that it’s bullsh*t and [he is] on PEDs. I just wanna make this point, and this is my point, and it’s my opinion. Performance Enhancing Drugs are just that.

They enhance your performance. Testosterone replacement therapy brings you back the hormonal levels that you [had] in your mid 30’s. I am on testosterone replacement therapy. If you take my blood, my testosterone level will probably be dependent on how far from my injection, between 780 and 1000. Somewhere in between there. The sweet spot is about 850 for me. I also have my free Testosterone, which will probably be around 18. I have to take an [anti-estrogen] because if not, my estrogen will go through the roof.

I weigh the same every f**king day, I’m in no way stronger, no way faster, nothing to do with performance except my blood lipid panel is amazing for my age, especially for my genetic pre-dip disposition. My HDL, which is your good cholesterol, last time was 42. [That’s] nothing to brag about, but it’s above 40.

My LDL, which is your bad cholesterol, is 55. Total cholesterol was less than 100. Triglycerides was less than 66. C-reactive protein, which is the inflammation that’s throughout your body and into your heart and veins, was like 0.7. I’m very beyond low risk, but all of those things only happened after I started to do testosterone replacement.

Yes, I am leaner than I was, but I’m nowhere like I was when I was taking steroids, when I was trying to f**king look like Master Blaster Steel.

Dwayne is 50. If he’s taking anything, it’s done by a doctor. He’s getting either Cypionate or Enanthate, it depends. Cypionate is closer to your regular testosterone, your natural testosterone, but the Enanthate lasts longer. Yeah, I mean Dwayne looks great but… somebody like Dwayne… number one he’s very disciplined, but he’s also very wealthy.

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So I don’t think that Dwayne is getting up in the morning and as he gets the crust out of his eyes at 4 AM, is deciding if he’s gonna scramble egg whites. I mean, he gets up, takes an ice-cold shower, probably does 20 minutes of cardio with nothing in his stomach except coffee and then has his pre-workout and goes in there and trains a body part.

I watch him, he doesn’t train super, super heavy, but strict super sets with constant tension on the muscles. [He] knows what he’s doing. [He’s] in his own zone, gets out of there, and the rest of the day, he’s eating optimally. He’s not missing meals, he’s not missing macros.

To look the way he does all the time, instead of f**king bashing somebody, just tip your hat to their discipline.”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson successfully made the transition from a professional wrestler to a famous movie star and is currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

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