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5. Former Tough Enough Winner To Undergo His Second Brain Surgery

WWE’s Tough Enough Season 3 winner Matt Cappotelli will be undergoing his second brain surgery soon. He underwenta surgery back in 2007 to remove brain tumor, but that has come back much more aggressively.

Below is what Matt posted on Facebook:

“Waiting to be taken for my MRI and get prepared for my second brain surgery tomorrow. Just found out that the tumor that I had removed 10 years ago has come back much more aggressively and needs to be dealt with. It’s a very large tumor and there is a portion that is inoperable. The portion that they are hoping to remove will be sent for pathology, which will determine what exactly we are dealing with and provide insight on future treatment plans and the next steps for the inoperable portion in my brain stem. #John9:1-3”

It should be noted that Matt’s wrestling career ended due to this brain tumor. Matt became the Tough Enough 3 Champion along with former WWE Superstar John Morrison.

You can watch their exhibition match from Raw below:

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