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WWF Legend Was Supposed To Win A Title At RAW 25 During Poker Game


• Triple H Recalls Sending A Photo Of His Legs Covered In Goosebumps To The Rock Earlier This Year

During the recent the WWE FYC (For Your Consideration) event in North Hollywood, California, while commenting on how it is transitioning from WWE superstar to heading the talent relations and creative department in WWE, Triple H talked about sending The Rock a picture of himself from WrestleMania this year and how The Rock responded.

Below is what Triple H said:

“I think that when you’re a WWE superstar, obviously the greatest part of what we get to do, putting smiles on people’s faces. We’re doing all this stuff, but there’s this, it’s hard to even put it into words. There’s a picture of me out front from WrestleMania this year. I noticed when I walked in today. And, what I noticed about the picture, with HD television and camera work now, I noticed that it’s a shot of Steph and I from WrestleMania, and my legs are covered with goosebumps. I immediately took a snapshot of it and sent it to The Rock to say, ‘dude, look at my legs.’ We used to talk about this all the time, the passion for what we do when you have that moment in front of 80,000 people where your whole body, it’s electric. There’s no other way to describe it, but it just goes into automatic and you’re covered with goosebumps and it’s just this insane adrenaline thing.

Rock sent me a note back like two seconds later and was like, ‘oh my God. If it wouldn’t be totally weird, I would blow this up right now and put this on my trailer wall as an inspiration.’ I said, I know, that’s why I trimmed it a certain way just to show my leg, ‘cuz it was cold at WrestleMania (smiles), but [Rock] said that nobody can understand that like we can, it’s something of the WWE. So at that point in my life, nothing greater than that. I can honestly say that step into where I am now, that pales in comparison to seeing a person with a dream.”

• WWF Legend Was Supposed To Win A Title At RAW 25 During Poker Game

During a recent appearance on the Steve Austin Show podcast, former WWE 205 Live wrestler Enzo Amore revealed that he was supposed to lose the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a Poker game At RAW 25 and then regain it later in the night through Nia Jax.

Below is what Enzo said (credit to Wrestlinginc for transcript):

“You [Austin] were the first person I saw. I turned the corner when I got to the building and you were standing there with Bubba Ray Dudley, who I debuted against, who I still talk to as far as veterans in the business. You [Austin] and Bubba Ray are the two that I still talk to. The two veterans that I communicate with that aren’t with the company and I thought, ‘wow, I’ll go over there and talk to you guys.’ I was wearing a shirt that said, ‘Today Is the Best Day of My Life. I Can’t Wait For Tomorrow’ is what was written in the back of it. I had no idea at that point, when I saw you guys I was talking to you guys in the hallway like I just showed up to the office on another work day.

I was talking to you guys, and then I go on and do rehearsals with Goldust as me and Goldust have a match on RAW 25, and then The Dudleys will come out and will put me through a table, and they have all this planned. I am going to lose my title to Ted Dibiase and the APA in their poker game backstage with the Million Dollar Man, a poker game thread that starts RAW 25 and has all the veterans that are coming in and out of this poker game throughout the entire thread of RAW 25 and I lose my title to Ted Dibiase. Then, I go out to the ring with no title and I wrestle Goldust, meanwhile, Dusty Rhodes, my mentor and RAW 25, I’m wrestling Goldust one on one, like, are you kidding me?

Then, the Dudley Boys are going to come out? It’s the best day of my life. Then, I come back, Nia Jax wins my title back for me because I lose it playing poker. She gives my title back to me at the end of the night because she ends up winning the title back for me. I had the longest thread on RAW 25. I was going to be on the show being featured more than any of them, and they had to rewrite that whole entire show at what, 5:30, 6pm.”

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