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WWF Legend Would Love To Return As A Heel With Chad Gable

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• WWF Legend Would Love To Return As A Heel With Chad Gable

During a recent episode of his podcast, WWF Legend Kurt Angle once again praised RAW Superstar Chad Gable.

A lot of people compare Gable to Angle, because of their characters, look & wrestling background.

Angle said he’d love to return as a heel and work along with Gable:

“I would love to be a heel with Chad Gable. He’s so entertaining. The two of us together would be unstoppable. But, I’m sorry to say — if I ever came back to wrestle, I don’t know if I’d be a heel.

It’d be really difficult for me because of the career I have and the age I am. When you get older, people start having sympathy for you and they wanna cheer you on, they want you to win and it’s really hard to turn heel later on in your career.

Like Undertaker, look at him. He has so much respect. He’s been in the company for 30 years and all his accomplishments.

You know how hard it would be for Undertaker to be a heel right now? It’s almost impossible and I think I’m comparable to that.”

Prior to WrestleMania 39, there were reports that WWE is going to push Gable as a singles superstar soon. This could become a reality after the Draft.

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• OLD SCHOOL HISTORY (April 23, 1994) – WWF Superstars

On this day in 1994, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Superstars’.

This episode was pre-taped at the Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts and featured matches, promos & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF King of the Ring 1994’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

– Doink The Clown vs. Bert Centeno

– The Smoking Gunns vs. Gary Steele & Doug Smith

– IRS vs. Burt Stiles

– Razor Ramon vs. Adam Bomb

– The Quebecars vs. Scott Taylor & Ben Jordan

– Owen Hart vs. Gary Sabaugh


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