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WWF Legend’s Return Not A Last-Minute Decision, AJ Styles Comments On His TLC 2017 Match, Hot Summer Rae Videos

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles

WWF Legend’s Return Not A Last-Minute Decision

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that WWF Legend Kane’s return on this week’s episode of Raw wasn’t a last-minute decision and that Kane is expected to stay on WWE post-TLC 2017 this Sunday.

Below is what he said:

“When I say nobody knew he was there, nobody knew he was there until that last segment. Like they hid him so well and from what I understand, they flew him to another city and hid him until like an hour before he was supposed to be on on TV. They made the decision to bring him back two weeks ago.

This was not a last-second decision. He actually was working out in the performance center when nobody else was there. This was not a last minute call, like “Oh we’ll throw Kane in there because we don’t have another idea”. This was planned a couple of weeks ago and he’s probably gonna be on TV on a somewhat regular basis, on Raw, at least for the next month or so.”

AJ Styles Comments On His TLC 2017 Match

With Bray Wyatt being pulled from TLC 2017, “The Demon King” Finn Balor will now face “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. Below is what Balor & Styles had to say about this match:

For those who don’t know, Reigns & Wyatt were pulled from the TLC 2017 PPV because they’re suffering from “Mumps”. According to Heathline, below is what this disease means:

“Mumps is a contagious disease caused by a virus that passes from one person to another through saliva, nasal secretions, and close personal contact.

The condition primarily affects the salivary glands, also called the parotid glands. These glands are responsible for producing saliva. There are three sets of salivary glands on each side of your face, located behind and below your ears. The hallmark symptom of mumps is swelling of the salivary glands.”

WWE is currently testing the Raw roster for this disease. It should be noted that Bo Dallas is also currently suffering from this disease.

Below is the statement that WWE issued to Raj Giri of WrestlingInc:

“We have confirmed that three of our performers have been diagnosed with a viral infection. As a precautionary measure, we are ensuring in-ring performers and staff are tested and immunized in accordance with recommended medical guidelines.”

Three Hot Videos Of WWE Star Gets Released

Below are three hot videos of WWE star Summer Rae that were released on Instagram:

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