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WWF Legend’s WrestleMania 40 Appearance Kept Secret

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WWF Attitude Era Legend Stephanie McMahon has long been a prominent figure within the WWE. However, her 2023 departure from the Co-CEO role signaled a notable change in her level of engagement with the company.

Despite this break, excitement for her comeback surged, especially after her unexpected appearance at Sunday’s second night of WrestleMania 40. Notably, WWE took great care to keep her speech under wraps, highlighting the secrecy surrounding her return.

In a surprising move, Stephanie McMahon took time off to prioritize her family obligations. Yet, she returned amid the investigation into her father, Vince McMahon, in 2022.

Vince’s subsequent reinstatement as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors coincided with Stephanie stepping back from her corporate role last year.

The second night of WrestleMania 40 kicked off with Stephanie McMahon front and center, delivering a heartfelt speech that reminisced about her past experiences with the event and acknowledged the transformative leadership of Paul Levesque.

During her speech, Stephanie warmly welcomed all attendees, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening under new leadership.

According to Fightful Select, Stephanie McMahon’s speech was kept tightly under wraps internally, even being listed as a Triple H speech on the run sheets in the back. Despite the clandestine nature of her appearance, she was warmly received backstage, highlighting her enduring positive reputation within the company.

Here’s what they reported:

“The Stephanie McMahon promo was kept very quiet internally and was actually listed as a Triple H promo on the run sheets. She was welcomed backstage by many and has long had a positive reputation within the company.”

Stephanie McMahon’s return to WWE sparks curiosity about potential enhancements the company may experience with her reinstatement. Only time will reveal the impact of her renewed involvement.

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