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WWF Veteran Comments On The Perceived Backstage Heat Between The Kliq & B.S.K

The Undertaker 1999

During a recent appearance on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, WWF Veteran Henry Godwinn talked about the B.S.K, The Undertaker being the leader of it & more.

Below are the highlights:

What was the B.S.K and was The Undertaker the leader of the group?

“Yes. Him and Yoko started it together just them two and they picked who they wanted and who would fit in to their mold the best. Right off the bat it was me and Yoko, Savio Vega and Taker and Fatu and then Godfather had come back and Paul Bearer was there all the time and a year later Tex (Phineus Godwin) had come up. It was the Bone Street Krew. Krew spelled with a “K” of course (laughing).”

What was it about the B.S.K that bonded everyone?

“I don’t know. WCW a lot of the older guys and was the old scene and when I got to the WWF it was like a breath of fresh air for me because I started learning more. I learned in WCW because I was around Dusty and Dustin and even Steve Austin and Pillman who were doing the Hollywood Blondes down there. But when I got to the WWF and I started one week, Jeff Jarrett had started the next week and I rode with him for a year and then me, him and Road Dog were together all the time.

But it was when me and Taker had a match on TV and we came back after the match and he put me over and put me over to Vince and that was my breakout there and they started to use me. Taker said that we had to work again, which we never did except for one Survivor Series. I think The attitudes were different. It didn’t seem like there was a lot of ego and it was like everybody was trying to work together.”

On the perceived backstage heat between The Kliq & B.S.K:

“We all got along and I think that everybody else just put us like that and thought we were at each other. But we would have fought for each other and we had in the bar scene if something happened and whether you disagree in the ring about how you work or something it never carried over to the relationships and those relationships I cherish all of them.

Razor, X-Pac, Shawn Michaels, especially Taker and Yoko (we’d stay at his house all the time) and Fatu all of these guys were great. Stone Cold, we’d go cook out with him and everybody so was close and it was a close knit between everybody.

Brothers fight all the time but they always make up usually. It was very tight back then and nothing like it is now. When I went back in ’06-07 up there for a few months it was pretty different then in just that eight or nine years.”

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