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WWF Veteran Comments On PPVs Feeling Like RAWs, “Jinder Mahal is really what every WWE Superstar should strive to become” – Kane


WWF Veteran Comments On PPVs Feeling Like RAWs

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz talked about the Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe match from last week’s Raw and how PPVs nowadays feel like RAWs. Below is what he said:

“Then they went to a long match, a strong match with two of the real workhorses of the company – Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. Match was tremendous and of course you have to figure it’s gonna be….. this was a long match and good long. And Joe won the match via choke out…you know…where Finn didn’t tap.

He couldn’t. He just got choked out. So you never gonna throw a flag on Joe versus Finn. But that’s why sometimes like if you’re watching a pay-per-view sometimes… like watching Survivor Series on Sunday, I felt a little bit like I was watching Raw. Because they did the backstage stuff with Stephanie and it felt like a Raw.

And then when you watch Raw and you’re seeing backstage bits and you’re seeing in-ring promos and you’re seeing matches like Joe versus Finn. That’s a pay-per-view quality match. It’s great when you’re watching Raw, you see that.

As a fan that’s cool, but that also makes you feel like when you’re watching a pay-per-view and you complain and say man it’s like watching Raw. Well, when you say it’s like watching Raw you’re actually complimenting what they’re putting out on Raw.

That’s why I believe there should be a time sooner rather than later where we see once in a while see squash matches/enhancement matches on Raw. I think that’s better.

But my point about the workhorses is I would have rather seen an opportunity for Finn Balor or Samoa Joe in segment one. But they had a couple of young guys in there with Jason Jordan and Braun Strowman. But match with Joe and Finn was awesome.”

“Jinder Mahal is really what every WWE Superstar should strive to become” – Kane

During a recent interview with The Times Of India, former WWF Champion Kane talked about the upcoming tour of India, Jinder Mahal, Braun Strowman & more. Below are the highlights:

On Jinder Mahal’s career in WWE:

“His is a great story. He was in the WWE years ago, then left the company. And then really improved, both in his wrestling and his body, and came back to became a world champion. I think a guy like Jinder Mahal is really what every WWE superstar should strive to become.”

On Braun Strowman’s future:

“Braun Strowman is doing a great job and he is going to have great career in WWE. I think at the end of his career he will be known as one of the greatest big men ever.”

On his match with Braun Strowman at the WWE India Live Event:

“The India tour is going to be a great event. All big superstars are going be there: Triple H, Jinder Mahal, The Shield, Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Sheamus. The match with Strowman is going to be a big match; two big guys doing their best to prove who is the dominant big man in the WWE.”

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