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WWF Veteran Explains Why Asuka Might Lose In Her Debut Tonight At TLC 2017


During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz gave his predictions for tonight’s TLC 2017. Taz went on to make a bold prediction of Asuka losing her WWE main roster debut tonight.

Below is Taz’s conversation with co-hosts Seth & Dennis:

Taz: Then we get to the match everyone’s talking about and the match where I made a prediction that some people think that I might be out of my mind. Asuka is gonna make her debut on the main roster and she’s gonna wrestle Emma. Emma earned the right to be in this match and I made the bold prediction that Emma will defeat Asuka in her WWE debut this Sunday.

I know it’s a bold prediction and I’m not just doing it to be different. I’m doing it because I believe it’s gonna happen. And I think that WWE has shown stuff with Emma that they’ve been building her the right way. It’s not about pushing Emma and that’s why Emma will beat Asuka.

It’s to make Asuka human – meaning in the company because you there’s a point in time where you got to get humbled and you got to earn your stripes. And she’s had this big push in NXT and earned it. And she was great, a great champion and she was undefeated forever. She’s never lost under contract with WWE.

I think that needs to end quick. I think that Vince McMahon wants it to end quick. And that doesn’t mean they’re not gonna push Asuka. That doesn’t mean Asuka is not gonna end up being a Women’s Champion. That doesn’t mean any of that. What it means is it gives Asuka a reason to be even more intriguing.

If you have Asuka just go and defeat Emma, everybody is expecting that. That’s the obvious, simple thing to make a prediction – Emma’s gonna lose. It’s obvious. You know….they’re building Asuka. The money’s invested in Asuka…and that’s all true.

But in the loss, what happens is Asuka gets made more. Because the next day, in my opinion, on Raw, what you do is you put the rocket on Asuka and have her be a complete tyrant, angry, violent woman just destroying, running roughshod as some would say.

That’s my prediction. I didn’t just say Emma’s gonna win. I’m giving reason why I think she’s gonna win.

Seth: You convinced me. And the more you think about it, it makes sense because Emma is not one of the top three or four women on the roster so if Asuka was in with one of them, you’d say – oh maybe one of them would beat her. But Emma’s down. It makes a lot of sense. You convinced me.

Taz: I think you you make a great point Seth. It solidifies it more for me. I mean maybe I’m just convinced to myself. I mean, look if I end up being wrong. I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong.

Dennis: To disagree with both of you, I think Asuka comes in and overtakes. They showcase her NXT ability on the main roster. You’ve said a countless amount of times that casual fans aren’t necessarily tuned in to NXT. So they’ve done a good job packaging Oscar showing these video packages and what not and really building up the the undefeated streak.

Now let’s see what you can do on the main roster. Give her somebody like Emma where Seth said she’s not the Alexa Bliss, the Charlotte Flair. She’s just a notch below. So you feed her that. And then I think she’s gonna chase Bliss. And Bliss is gonna do everything she can to avoid Asuka. So Asuka is gonna run through the women’s division.

Taz: You’re dead wrong. The thing is you have someone like Asuka where, like I said it’s so obvious, it’s totally obvious that she’s gonna just beat this girl Emma. This TLC card this Sunday for the Raw brand for WWE is extremely predictable card. So I do think that one of the things that people will walk away with after Sunday night’s event is – Holy Cow! I can’t believe it, Asuka lost! And again there’s a way and WWE knows how to do this.

In the loss while that loss happens to push the one who lost, it’s all in the way the announcing is done. The wind for Emma in my opinion is just… it’s a win. It’s just a footnote for her to say it. She’ll brag about it as a heel but she don’t have a big voice meaning they don’t push her a lot. So she’ll always be able to say that.

It’s just like The Miz. Miz is a former WWE Champion, correct? No one talks about that. And he kind of stopped doing that. Because they wanted to. Because no one even remembers him being WWE Champion. And I think that’ll be the same thing over time with Emma where, if I’m right, and Emma wins, she could boast about it, brag about it for a couple of months – Hey I’m the one who defeated Asuka.

And the first thing you do, so you have Emma win the match on Sunday and then what you do, the next night on Raw you have Emma come out and cut a promo or have a backstage bragging about how she did this. And within 30 seconds of the promo – Boom! Here comes Asuka from behind, attacks her and beats the living daylights out of Emma.

That’s the best way to do it. And now she goes from female to female to female. Within those three hours you sprinkle Asuka in the show on Raw the next night attacking everybody that she can. And you’re telling me she won’t be made?

That loss won’t mean anything. The loss pops the TLC, the pay-per-view itself. It gets more people, maybe, to buy the WWE Network because then Michael Cole and his team can go on the air on Monday and say – “if you didn’t subscribe to the WWE Network by now, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Oh my god, Emma defeated the undefeated Asuka”.

If they do the predictable and have Asuka win the match, does that mean it’s not a good opportunity to push Asuka? I’m not saying that. I’m not even implying that. I’m just saying that the opportunity to get a couple things to happen here – where you get a little nice pop for Emma and you pop the show big time and you give Asuka a reason to go crazy and you make her human amongst that locker room and it’s easier push for her behind the scenes. That I can assure you.

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