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WWF Veteran On Why John Cena Is Wrestling On SmackDown This Friday

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• WWF Veteran On Why John Cena Is Wrestling On SmackDown This Friday

On this Friday’s episode of SmackDown, 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena will team up with Kevin Owens to face Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn of The Bloodline.

This is going to be Cena’s first (and last) match of 2022.

According to Jim Cornette, apart from Cena’s availability and his schedule, WWE booked his return match on TV because they already make a fixed amount of money from their premium live events on Peacock, so now they want to capitalize on TV ratings.

Below is what Cornette said on his podcast:

“Priorities are switching. I’m not saying what pay-per-views are there. I’m saying everybody pays per view on the Peacock along with viewing 7 million other f**king things.

It’s not that, this is not the UFC, it’s not pro-wrestling anymore. It’s not the big fight, the big match, we’re gonna pay $50 to see the two biggest stars in the world f**king collide in this epic fight.

It’s FOX paying us more than we’re probably getting from Peacock or from this part of Peacock or whatever the f**k. Let’s see what we can do for the ratings. And it’s also when we can get John Cena.

So in this case, yes, their rights are going to be renegotiated coming up, as everybody’s been talking about in the next year, year and a half. This is what it is now, network television.

And I wish they would start treating the rest of SmackDown and maybe even goddamn RAW, like a pay-per-view, or network television, or we got to have some stars, we got to have a little more variety, we got to bring some big guns in, we got to have better matches and etc.

But as Cena and Owens against Zayn and Reigns. See it just, it almost even makes it, Zayn and Reigns. That’s gonna be a heck of a match because Owens’ and f**king Sami’s d**ks are gonna be hard for weeks leading into that because they love working with each other more than they love breathing.

And Cena doesn’t want to embarrass himself, and Roman Reigns is The Big Dog, so it’s gonna be f**king good. And what will the story be coming out of it? So I think they’ve done good, they’ve done good for themselves there.”

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