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WWF Veteran On A Possible Heel Turn At Survivor Series 2017


WWF Veteran On A Possible Heel Turn At Survivor Series 2017

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz discussed this week’s episode of Raw, a possible heel turn at Survivor Series 2017 & more. Below are the highlights:

On The New Day’s theme playing on Raw:

“I got no problem with a SmackDown interruption. I have no problem with Kurt Angle rallying up the troops not to let that happen again where they’re gonna come to our locker, gonna beat the pi$$ out of us, so we’re gonna go out to the arena and get them. I liked all that. I enjoyed it.

What I was a little confused on was two things during this. I was a little confused when they played the titantron and the music of The New Day.

Because if it’s a Raw show, I know it’s all WWE but if we’re gonna get stuck in semantics and in the storyline, which is important, when you’re doing a SmackDown vs. Raw storyline, why would that happen? Why would they be able to play the SmackDown wrestlers intro in the titantron?

Kurt Angle obviously didn’t know. I’m talking fictional here. Kurt Angle didn’t know, well how’d it happen? Did they take the truck hostage? I know these are the little nuance things, but they are very important.

The other thing I don’t like is that it was The New Day. You know who it should have been people? It should have been The Usos.

I think the sense of it, not that I liked it in the moment, I think what they’re doing is it’s probably gonna be Shield versus The New Day at the Survivor Series.

That’s probably what they’re gonna do. I would do three on three. Then for hits and giggles, have The Usos and The New Day come out and interrupt. You have both come out. You have The Usos come out in a different area with their microphone.

Have them do their hip-hop urban rap type field gimmick that they do which is great and saying something like insulting in their style of promo. And then you have New Day also. I wouldn’t put them in the same area, New Day and The Usos because they hate each other.”

On a possible heel turn at Survivor Series 2017:

“I think this Jason Jordan thing here, him being put into this Survivor Series match by Kurt Angle, in storyline his father, Booker T’s reaction was perfect. They’re letting Booker handle the right way.

He should say the kid ain’t ready for the spot. He does not deserve it. I like that. He doesn’t fit the spot. But he fits the spot if you’re gonna turn him heel and if he’s gonna cost his father’s team in the match against Shane McMahon’s team. Then it’s perfect.

And I think that’s kind of what you got to do here. I think some people realize too, it’s almost like you’re waiting for this guy to turn heel. It’s just because he’s such a bad babyface. I’m just being honest. He’s just not a good babyface. No matter where he goes. I’ve seen him on television in the United States, UK wherever, he’s just……not over.

I’m not saying Jason Jordan don’t have the ability to get over, but the way they’re doing it right now sucks. And I think WWE knows that and they’re running with it until Survivor Series and then I think the turn is coming.”

On the segment between Kurt Angle & The Miz:

“I loved the opening segment Miz and Kurt. Miz and Kurt have a great chemistry. They work well together. And I thought it was really cool where Miz was showing Kurt’s shortcomings in footage with the Under Siege attack and Stephanie yelling at Kurt and all that stuff.

I thought that was perfect. But even more than that, I thought it was excellent the way they had Kurt Angle tell The Miz that he’s facing Strowman. That was great. Great pop. And I really loved that how Kurt explained how his deal worked with Strowman, where he’s – No problem Kurt. Fine, I’ll be on your team, but I want to wrestle The Miz.

I thought that was excellent. And Kurt Angle’s performance in that promo towards Miz in that segment was excellent. And so was Miz.”

On This Day In Old School Wrestling History: A Blockbuster 6 Man Tag Team Main Event

On this day in 1966, long before 99.9% of our audience became Wrestling fans and long before some of you were even born, the live crowd in the famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas, witnessed a great 6 man tag team main event that had Joe Blanchard team with “Cowboy” Bob Ellis & Duke Keomuka to take on the Heel team of Bob Geigel, Gary Hart & Waldo Von Erich.

You can now watch this rare classic right here:

On This Day In WWF History: A Powerhouse For Sale

In a pre-taped segment that aired on this day in 1986, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan bought Hercules from Slick.

Keep in mind that those were the 80s and you couldn’t do such a storyline nowadays, where a Wrestler gets sold like a slave, because certain groups would always complain about it, so with the WWE being a publicly traded company & Vince being obligated to please his shareholders, stuff like this is impossible to do.

Enjoy this funny Old School segment!

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