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WWF Veteran Recalls How Him & Ultimate Warrior Held Up A Promoter For More Money

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• Old School WWF/WWE Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF developmental talent Doug Basham celebrates his 48th birthday today.

After being used as an occasional jobber while it was still the World Wrestling Federation, Doug Basham became a main roster star later on during the WWE Ruthless Aggression Era, when he teamed up with his kayfabe brother Danny Basham as The Basham Brothers.

Together they won the WWE Tag Team Titles twice, before they were released in early 2007. Despite the modern day PG Era WWE labelling them as “boring”, they were anything but that. It’s just WWE’s typical historical revisionism, but most fans are already used to that bs.


• WWF Veteran Recalls How Him & Ultimate Warrior Held Up A Promoter For More Money

During a recent interview with Hannibal TV, Old School WWF Veteran Greg “The Hammer” Valentine recalled how him and The Ultimate Warrior once held up a promoter to get more money.

Below is what Greg said:

“I’d never been a part of this, holding a promoter up for more money, and he wanted to do it in Vienna, Austria. I was working against Jake, Hercules was working with the Warrior.

He says ‘would you refuse to go on until you got more money?’ And I’d actually never done a thing like this, but I said you know what, I want more money.

We held him up, but the people weren’t rioting yet, because the preliminary matches were going on. But I think we held him up on time for 30 minutes longer than it should have been.

Then I went out and worked with Jake, and Warrior worked with Herc. I don’t remember who the promoter was but he was like ‘I can’t get you American money, this is Austria!’ Like 50 minutes later, they came in with a bunch of Haliburton suitcases filled with money. And after that, me and Warrior were best friends.”

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