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WWF Veteran Says Asuka Shouldn’t Have Performed The Ankle Lock Prior To Kurt Angle’s Return At TLC 2017, Video From Triple H’s Return To The Ring

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WWF Veteran On Dangerous Title Booking On Raw, Says Asuka Shouldn’t Have Performed The Ankle Lock Prior To Kurt Angle’s Return At TLC 2017

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz discussed the Cruiserweight Title match from TLC 2017, Kurt Angle’s return, Asuka performing the Ankle Lock & more. Below are the highlights:

On Enzo Amore recapturing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

“Enzo versus Kalisto, I thought Kalisto would retain. The thing is it’s obvious what they did here, they want to keep the Title on Enzo. He moves the needle more than Kalisto is gonna move it. I think you got to be careful. And I’ve talked about this before, when you put a Title on a guy and you quickly take it off the guy, that’s not good for the guy.

It’s not good for the Title. It’s shotgun booking and I think you got to really be careful with that kind of sh*t. I gotta be honest, I think that’s a little dangerous.”

Taz also had a conversation with a caller on the show and you can check it out below:

Caller: Why would they waste Kurt’s return like that? Should have saved for atleast Royal Rumble or something.

Taz: I think because they were kind of against the wall because of the whole Roman Reigns thing. I don’t think it was bad booking of putting him in the match as a draw to make a blase-predictable-finish-pay-per-view kinda, to spark that and to spike that and they did that by putting Kurt in that. You can’t argue that.

Caller: I think they kinda had to but they could have put Matt Hardy or something.

Taz: But it wouldn’t have been as big as Kurt. We got to see Kurt do some of the Suplex and stuff like that. And we got the see Kurt do a couple Angle Slams. And we got to see Kurt do Asuka’s Ankle Lock. (SARCASTICALLY SPEAKING)

And I know Asuka has done that many times. Please people, don’t tell me that. I know that. You have to kind of tell her or whoever else – Hey, Kurt’s on the show and it’s very rare and we’re making a big deal. The first time we see the Ankle Lock tonight it should be done by f***ing Kurt. It’s that simple.

Video From Triple H’s Return To The Ring

As we noted before, 14 time World Champion “The Game” Triple H returned to in-ring action at a WWE live event in Santiago, Chile and went on to defeat Rusev, dance with The New Day and Pedigree Kofi Kingston in the end.

You can watch everything (including his entrance) below:

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