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WWF Veteran Says He Was Fired From WCW For Pulling Down Ric Flair’s Tights

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (February 25, 1996) – WWF Action Zone

On this day in 1996, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Action Zone’.

This episode featured matches, promos, highlights & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF WrestleMania 12’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

– Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Derek Stone (From Superstars) *JIP*

– Highlight Video On The Returning Ultimate Warrior

– Photo Still Highlights Of Yokozuna vs. The British Bulldog (From In Your House)

– WWF Tag Team Title Tournament: The British Bulldog/Owen Hart vs. Barry Horowitz/Hakushi (From Superstars) *JIP*

– Promo By Shinobi, Owen Hart & Jim Cornette

– Photo Still Highlights Of Bret Hart vs. Diesel (From In Your House)

– Highlights Of Diesel Destroying The Undertakers Casket (From Last Weeks Raw)

– Interview w/ Jake Roberts (Action Zone Exclusive)

– Mankind Vignette

– Shawn Michaels vs. Shinobi (From Superstars)

– Can We Talk With The Following Question: What’s Your Favorite TV Show?

– Billionaire Ted On Larry Fling Live

• WWF Veteran Says He Was Fired From WCW For Pulling Down Ric Flair’s Tights

Old School WWF Veteran X-Pac will soon become a WWE Hall of Famer when he gets inducted as a part of D-Generation X during WrestleMania 35 weekend.

Ric Flair will celebrate his 70th birthday on tonight’s episode of RAW and X-Pac shared an interesting story on Twitter which involved “The Nature Boy”.

Below is what X-Pac posted:

“Eric [Bischoff] fired & rehired me the same night for pulling Ric’s trunks down, showing his ass on tv. I was already on the sh*t list for using profanity picked up live on Nitro a few weeks earlier.”

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