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WWF Veteran Says Jeff Jarrett Has A Hall Of Fame Career Because Of His Father

Jeff Jarrett - Double J

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (March 14, 1987) – Jeep Swenson In Action

On this day in 1987, Fritz Von Erich’s WCCW ‘World Class Championship Wrestling’ aired a 2-minute handicap match challenge between “The Mercenary” Jeep Swenson and the team of Jeff Raitz & Dusty Wolfe.

You can watch the match here:

Jeep Swenson ended up playing Bane in the 1997 Hollywood movie “Batman & Robin”.

R.I.P. Jeep Swenson!

• WWF Veteran Says Jeff Jarrett Has A Hall Of Fame Career Because Of His Father

During a recent appearance on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, WWF Veteran Paul Diamond (Kato of The Orient Express) said that WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018 inductee Jeff Jarrett wouldn’t have got the breaks with the abilities he had, hadn’t he been Jerry Jarrett’s son.

Below is what Paul said:

“Jeff turned out to be a real good talent. Jeff had just graduated from high school was 18 years old, and we briefly were tag team partners, but shortly after that is when I first tagged up with Pat Tanaka and actually worked against Jeff and Billy Travis. He was just getting started. Like I said, he was 18 years old, skinny as a rail, and just out of high school. So, he was learning his way, but he did very well. He was a good talent.

“But wrestling sometimes is not necessarily what we know but who we know. Not necessarily that he didn’t deserve the breaks that he got, he was a good talent and a good worker, but at the same time, his father Jerry Jarrett had owned the Tennessee territory there, the Tennessee company.

I’m just not sure that anybody else that had the same abilities would have got the breaks that he had, had his father not been a promoter.”

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