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WWF Veteran Says SmackDown Live Wrestler Is Big Money Now, Explains How The Tag Team Champions Did A Smart Thing On SmackDown Live, Stone Cold Makes Ken Shamrock “Tap Out”

Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWF Veteran Says SmackDown Live Wrestler Is Big Money Now, Explains How The Tag Team Champions Did A Smart Thing On SmackDown Live

During a recent edition of The Taz Show, WWF Veteran Taz discussed this week’s episode of SmackDown Live – Sami Zayn’s promo, Tag Team scene on the blue brand & more. Below are the highlights:

On who he thinks is big money on SmackDown Live now:

“I am telling you people if you did not see this promo, you have to check out this promo. Sami Zayn explained his actions perfectly. Basically Sami said he was tired of doing the right thing that basically got him nowhere.

He saw how Kevin Owens taking different shortcuts here and there and Sami didn’t think it was the right way to go about things. But today, you know, Kevin Owens got all the success whereas Sami didn’t.

And then when Sami still tried to do the right thing which basically got him nowhere. He went up to Shane. He basically told you story. He went to Shane last week and tried to help him tell him how dangerous that Kevin Owens is and Shane basically brushed him off in the hallway.

It was great. They didn’t need to show footage of that. They did not have to. Sami explaining it was just as good. It was perfect. It was perfect and he kept calling Kevin Owens his brother and then they embraced as buddies and all this stuff.

I thought there was a chance that maybe they would go against what they did on the house show on Monday and Kevin would be kind of be pi$$ed at Sami. Perfectly done promo that explained his actions. I’m thinking this guy is f***ing money as a heel, big money. So I really loved the promo.”

On how the SmackDown Tag Team Champions did a smart thing on this week’s episode:

“I also loved another promo of The Usos that basically kicked the show off because I think what they did here was smart. Because a lot of people forgot how great the first Hell in a Cell match was that we saw on Sunday. We knew how great the second one was.

So everybody remembers that and that’s everybody’s talking about because of the Sami stuff and all that. So we all kind of forgot about how great of a tag team Hell in a Cell match we saw and it was great. So I think WWE did the right thing here with SmackDown, giving a ton of time in the first segment to The Usos and The New Day in a promo segment and it was well done.

And it wasn’t The New Day cutting the promo. It was The Usos cutting the promo. And these are the most realistic guys like the entrance, the way they act. So for them to pay a sign of respect right here because of what they did in that ring. I thought it was cool.

I don’t mind seeing The Usos if they turned around and turned on The New Day and beat them up again. I wouldn’t have minded that either. But this wasn’t corny and The Usos did a great job of explaining what happens after the show. And how there buddy were beat up in a rent-a-car. The only ones who can understand how their bodies felt was The New Day. I thought that was excellent content again in the promo.”

Stone Cold Makes Ken Shamrock “Tap Out”

Below is a video of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin making “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock “tap out”:

Steve Austin vs. Ken Shamrock (RAW 1998-10-26) by WWFOldSchool

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