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WWF Veteran Talks About Raw Wrestler Being Buried By Commentators, On This Day In WWF History: Brother vs. Brother, Videos of Eva Marie In A Hot Dress

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WWF Veteran Talks About Raw Wrestler Being Buried By Commentators

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz talked about Dana Brooke vs. Asuka match and Paige’s return on this week’s episode of Raw. Below are the highlights:

On Dana Brooke vs. Asuka:

“They had Asuka and Dana Brooke work. They had Asuka do it like Old School WWF. We’ve seen this a lot… these backstage interviews, their promos during Raw. They call them inserts.

This was right before I think Dana came out or maybe when she came out. I can’t remember. They showed her backstage like earlier today type thing. It seemed so WWF 1989-1992. The way it was shot and laid and the way they had this girl act. But that’s fine.

And what happened was Dana said something like – Hey, I see holes in your game, Asuka. I was watching it over WWE Network and some gimmick’s name which they had or whatever, she promoted it.

And then they come out live and the announcers buried the girl. I mean they buried Dana Brooke for saying what she said. Do you think that Dana Brooke wrote her promo and wanted to to put over the WWE Network and put over the Network’s special on Asuka and to say that she sees flaws and holes in her game plan? No. So why would they bury her? I was like – Why Cole?

What are we bashing the talent for when they’re just cutting a promo that they were told to say. And they just bury it. Not only that, then the girl has got to do a job and gets squashed. It doesn’t help Dana Brooke one bit. Why have her on the damn show if you’re gonna frickin’ sh*t on her. That just doesn’t make sense to me.”

On Paige’s return and debut of two NXT wrestlers:

“Big debuts. I thought that was gonna happen at Survivor Series. They had Natalya be that fifth lady on the team there for Survivor Series. And I thought it was gonna be none other then Paige. Well, Paige returned on Raw and it was big. She got a massive pop.

And then she shocked everybody. She sure shocked me because when she said I did not come alone I’m like – “Oh my god, Alberto is there.”

What happened was Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville showed up in the ring and just beat everybody.

I don’t know the connection here why Paige has these girls with her. I like it. There’s something about it. I think it’s good. I think Michael Cole or somebody said there might be a connection, they were Tough Enough. I don’t think anyone remembers Tough Enough, not that they don’t remember.

It really….like all the winners of Tough Enough as of recent haven’t really done that much. So they only push it when it’s happening. You don’t hear much about it. And I don’t think they should because people forget if these people were Tough Enough. I want to forget that they were Tough Enough. And I mean that in a positive way. You know.. Miz…. I’m just saying because they become stars.

You want them to be stars. You just let it be unless they bring them back Tough Enough again. And that’s why they’re doing this, I doubt it. But whatever the reasons are I like this, the three of them together with Paige as the mouthpiece.

The stuff they did backstage with Alexa Bliss was money. That girl Mandy Rose, the look she gave Alexa and kept looking at her, it was money. And then same with Sonya Deville. And then Paige kicked Alexa in the stomach and then the three of those girls beat up Alexa. That was done really well.

There’s a lot of females now on Raw. Look at somebody like Asuka. She’s undefeated and everything and she is all this and all that and they push her and everything. But if I’m Asuka, I don’t say that I’m not happy that these three girls are there, but she had her moment to be…… I would think that Asuka would want a little longer to have the spotlight.”

On This Day In WWF History: Brother vs. Brother

On this day in 1996, Bret “The Hitman” Hart wrestled his brother “The King of Harts” Owen Hart on WWF Monday Night RAW.

This happened during the Bret Hart vs Steve Austin feud and around 2 years after the 2 brothers were feuding over the WWF World Title.

The last few minutes of the match can be seen here:

Videos of Eva Marie In A Hot Dress

Below are a couple of videos of former WWE Star Eva Marie in a hot dress:

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