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WWF / WCW Veteran Says He Can Still Go, But He’s Not In Cosmetic Ring Shape


Below are a couple of top news stories of the day, involving 2 WWF wrestlers: Lance Storm and Chris Jericho.

• During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, WWF/WCW Veteran Lance Storm was asked if he can still wrestle.

Here’s what Storm said:

“I’m not in ring shape. I could still go but I’m not putting on tights and taking my shirt off in the ring anymore.

I’m 54 coming up on 55. But the cosmetic ring shape I am not in. I think I could physically do the other part sure. But I have high standards.”

Storm’s last match took place in 2016 at WrestleCon, where he lost to Matt Hardy.

• On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho lost to Konosuke Takeshita. Takeshita made Jericho tap out to the Walls of Jericho.

However, this wasn’t a clean loss for Jericho, as Don Callis hit Jericho in the head with a screwdriver behind the referee’s back.

While discussing this loss, the Wrestling Observer noted that Jericho is the highest paid wrestler in All Elite Wrestling:

“He is the highest-paid guy in the company. And it’s like, you really want to protect that investment if you’re paying a guy that much money. I mean, you can get anyone to put over these guys. It’s like you need to have him lose when the losses mean [something], but it’s great for Takeshita.”

You can watch this match below:

Chris Jericho was the first major name to sign with the company and became the inaugural AEW World Champion in 2019.

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