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Wyatt Family Reuniting Soon ?

As seen on this week’s SmackDown, Eric Rowan turned heel as he attacked Fandango, who lost his match to Luke Harper just moments before the beatdown from Rowan.

It looks like WWE is building towards the reunion of Wyatt Family, or atleast the reunion of the tag team of Luke Harper & Eric Rowan. This is a good thing for Rowan as he was going nowhere after the Wyatt Family parted ways. Below is what WWE teased for Monday’s Raw:

“Erick Rowan and Luke Harper have freaked us out for years at this point, but the moment they shared Thursday night on SmackDown sent a shiver down our spines. After Harper dispatched Fandango, Rowan lumbered down the entrance ramp and, despite his prior issues with his former Wyatt Family accomplice, proceeded to pummel the dazed dancer. Was this Rowan extending a gnarled olive branch to Harper? Have these one-time members of The Wyatt Family joined forces once again? Anticipate more from this eerie tandem on Raw.”

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