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Wyatt Sick6 Go After Chad Gable Again On RAW (Video)

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Jey Uso kicked off tonight’s RAW and mentions that with Money In The Bank approaching on Saturday, he plans to secure the briefcase and earn a future title shot.

Chad Gable interrupted and claimed that if you look up ‘miracle’ in the dictionary, you’ll see his picture. He talks about overcoming significant adversity, including attacks from The Wyatt Sick6 and losing his Alpha Academy family. He asserted he’s not afraid of The Wyatt Sick6 and accused Jey of abandoning his family.

Gable said The Wyatt Sick6 should go after Jey because Jey stole the fireflies.

Jey responded by saying he told The Wyatt Sick6 they could keep their fireflies, then called Gable a “manipulative scumbag”.

The two started brawling, with Jey landing several right hands on Gable. Jey attempted the Uso Splash, but Gable rolled out of the ring before Jey could land it.

The lights then went out, and The Wyatt Sick6’s music hit, filling the ring with smoke. Gable jumped over the barricade to escape but encountered silhouettes on the entrance ramp with Wyatt Sick6 members staring Gable down. Gable eventually retreated up the TD Garden stairs.

You can watch it below:

Nikki Cross then appeared and handed Michael Cole another box. A couple of security guards were laid out on the announce table.

Cole revealed that it’s another VHS tape. Tap here to see what was shown on this tape later in the night.

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