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X-Pac Explains Why He Thinks The Undertaker Isn’t Done, On If He Would Return For A Cruiserweight Run In WWE

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During a recent appearance on WZ Daily, WWF Veteran X-Pac talked about The Undertaker, one more Cruiserweight run for him in WWE, Sexy Star incident & more. Below are the highlights:

On the Sexy Star – Rosemary incident:
“I’m all about people being able to redeem themselves. I don’t know how she would go about doing that though. Maybe, for starters, owning your s*** and saying, “Yeah, that was really, really messed up of me. I don’t even know what the hell I was thinking.” Own it. Take responsibility for having a terrible… lapse of judgement doesn’t even begin.”

On if he would return for a Cruiserweight run:
“No, I’m not. Definitely not. Nope. I am not saying I won’t come back and do something but I can’t even imagine doing that.”

On Enzo Amore joining the Cruiserweight Division:

“It’s fine. Everyone else is doing all the fancy stuff. He just needs to figure out how to mesh well with them in there. It’s not really his style but that’s ok. It’s just his style.”

On if The Undertaker is retired:

“I would be really surprised if this past WrestleMania was his last match ever. Really surprised. Everyone was saying at the time, “Oh! This is it!” I didn’t. I didn’t buy it even then. When they did that thing at the end where he put all of that stuff in the ring I thought, “Maybe so.” Maybe at the time he really thought, “This is it.”

Wouldn’t you feel like that? Put yourself in a really bad place and think, “I’m done. I need to hang it up.” When you start feeling better you start to think, “Well, maybe not so fast there.”

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