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X-Pac On If The Undertaker Misses Wrestling, Old School Tag Team Legend Retiring This Year

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (February 2, 1997) – The Undertaker vs. Marc Mero

On this day in 1997, the World Wrestling Federation aired a match between The Undertaker and “Wildman” Marc Mero.

You can watch the full match below:

• Old School Tag Team Legend Retiring This Year

Old School Tag Team Wrestling Legend Bobby Fulton (Real name: James Hines) announced on Facebook that he would retire from professional wrestling later this year.

Bobby Fulton became famous as one half of the legendary Old School Tag Team ‘The Fantastics’ with his Tag partner Tommy Rogers, who passed away in 2015.

Here’s what Fulton wrote on his official Facebook account:

“Saturday May 26th I will be having the final match of my career at World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling’s Memorial Weekend Professional Wrestling Super Fest! Thank you to all of the fans that have supported me throughout my career! I hope all of you will be able to come out and see me wrestle in my final matches over the next couple of months!”

• X-Pac On If The Undertaker Misses Wrestling

During a recent appearance on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, WWF Veteran X-Pac talked about The Undertaker, XFL, Raw 25 & more.

Below are the highlights:

On if The Undertaker misses wrestling:

“He’s fine. That doesn’t mean he’s not thinking about still doing it.”

On if Taker has one more match in him:

“I think so. I’m just not saying that he said that.”

On Vince McMahon bringing back the XFL:

“He’s about ready to shove it up everyone’s a**, in short order. Don’t bet against it, that’s all I can say. He’s got two years to get this thing off the ground. When they f***ing tried and failed before they did it in two months. It’ll be plenty for Vince. He already said there’s not going to be any crossover between this and WWE. No f***ing wrestling announcers doing play by play, no, ya know cross-promote.

I think it needs to be left something separate. I think he’s going to have a hard time finding enough players that don’t have anything on their record. You can’t have a DUI playing in the XFL…the quality of your character is equally as important as the quality of the player, just don’t want the PR nightmares…public relations-wise it’s good not to have a bunch of f*** ups on your team.”

On if he would have preferred to be at the Barclays Center than The Manhattan Center at Raw 25 last Monday:

“No way that’s where I’d be right there. That’s where I started, it wouldn’t have made sense to be in the other building.”

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