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“You did real good” – The Undertaker Praised Former WWE Wrestler For Handling A Backstage Mocking Situation

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• “You did real good” – The Undertaker Praised Former WWE Wrestler For Handling A Backstage Mocking Situation

During an appearance on Rene Dupree’s Cafe de Rene podcast, former WWE wrestler Paul London talked about Bubba Ray Dudley and ripped him.

Below is what London said about the Tag Team Legend:

“For a guy that size, he was such a coward when he could be more of a mentor.

He could be taking that position of being more of a mentor to other big guys or whatever.

He realized he was more of like a one-trick pony. If he’s not telling D-Von to get the tables, then who gives a f**k?”

While on a WWE tour in Italy, London & Dupree took a walk on the beach. Bubba then mocked him for it.

Here’s what London said about this story:

“He was like, ‘Hey, London, so what is this I hear? You and Rene had a pretty romantic walk on the beach last night?’ He was trying to get everyone to laugh.

I was like, ‘No, just friends talking.’ He was like, ‘What were you talking about?’ ‘That’s just between us, man, just talking.’ And he kept trying to rile me up. I kept no-selling it and downplaying it, which made him more pi$$ed.”

London then revealed that The Undertaker complimented him for how he handled the situation:

“I remember Undertaker was out there stretching and he was like, ‘You did real good, real good in there’. I was like, ‘That?’ He was like, ‘You didn’t sell it, you held your ground. That was real good.’

I was like, ‘Come on, I’ve had coaches in middle school that were harder than that piece of sh*t. Come on, that’s nothing. Thank you.’

To me, that’s a compliment whenever you get complimented by the real, genuinely legendary guys. Say what you will about Undertaker, he was kind of the Mafia boss of the locker room. We both knew that.”

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