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“You think I’m getting back in the ring at 64?!” – Former WWF Champion Turns Down Rumors Of His Return

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day:

– Old School WWF/WCW Legend Kevin Nash – who still keeps himself in great shape these days – recently revealed that he signed a deal with WWE.

It seemed more than obvious that he was referring to a typical WWE Legends deal, including merchandise and (if anything) occasional non-wrestling appearances, rather than actually wrestling actively for the company again.

During an episode of his weekly ‘Kliq This’ podcast, Big Daddy Cool went back on his word and claimed that he didn’t sign anything.

Here’s what the former WWF Champion said:

“I haven’t signed sh*t. You couldn’t get me back in the ring, if you shoot me in the back of the head before I’d get in a f***ing ring. Triple H was 45 when he went to Saudi Arabia and did a Harley Race over the top rope and tore his f***ing pec, f**k. I blew a quad taking a step, you think I’m getting back in the ring at 64?!”

– WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Veteran Carlito Caribbean Cool returned to WWE for one night earlier this year at the Backlash 2023 PPV, to make the save for Bad Bunny in the San Juan Street Fight against Damian Priest.

He has since signed a full-time WWE contract and is back as an associate of Rey Mysterio’s LWO (Latino World Order) faction on SmackDown.

During a recent appearance on the ‘Ringer Wrestling Show’, the former United States Champion revealed who came up with the idea of bringing him back to the #1 pro wrestling promotion on the planet.

Here’s what Carlito had to say:

“Bad Bunny is a fan. I think he was a fan of mine growing up. One of his ideas was he thought it’d be a great idea for me to be a part of it. You know, of course being in Puerto Rico, you know, it just made perfect sense.”

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