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“You’re so frail, you make crackwh*res jealous” – MJF To Adam Cole On Tonight’s AEW Dynamite

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AEW World Champion MJF came out on tonight’s Dynamite and said there’s no competition for him in this company.

The fans chanted “you suck” at him and he replied: “Colorado, your mother swallows”.

Adam Cole then came out. MJF said he’s actually a fan of Cole. MJF then put over Cole’s work in ROH, CZW and other indy companies. MJF even said Cole was Shawn Michaels’ handpicked guy in WWE NXT.

MJF said he always thought him vs. Cole would be one hell of a rivalry, but then he took a shot at the current version of Cole. He said all Cole does now is play video games like a virgin on Twitch, and his girlfriend Britt Baker leaves the house with his balls.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman then said:

“Didn’t you used to have the body and physique of a World Champion? Now, no offence, you’re so frail, you make crackwh*res jealous.”

MJF then used the same line that Cole used on Karrion Kross in NXT. MJF said AEW has done everything in their power to make Adam Cole “cool”; good theme music, cool T-Shirts, the lights, the girl, but all AEW needs to do to make MJF look good is ring the bell. MJF then asked him does that sound familiar?

Cole then asked if that’s the best MJF has got, because all MJF sounds like is a toxic social media troll. Cole then asked why MJF always brings up other people’s relationships, when he can’t even hold up his own relationship as his fiancée left him.

Adam then called MJF a world-class douchebag. Adam said the reason MJF brings up how his body looks is because MJF can’t touch his “body of work”. Cole then asked MJF to go backstage with him and take a drug test to see who’s natural and who’s not, and MJF got angry.

Cole said everyone in the back respects him and there’s not a single person backstage that respects MJF. Cole said MJF does the bare minimum to collect his paycheck and walk around with the World Title.

Fans began chanting “No Respect” and MJF asked them if he should cry into all his money about it.

MJF then referenced an old WWE main roster plan that Vince McMahon had for Cole:

“That’s an awful lot of talk coming from Keith Lee’s manager.”

Cole said MJF is a coward who is afraid to fight him. Cole then used MJF’s own line on him by saying that he’s better than MJF and the fans know it.

MJF got mad and said he’ll wrestle Cole any day of the week.

They will collide next week in an AEW World Championship eliminator match.

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