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Zack Ryder Reacts To A Fan Saying WWE Buried His Wife Chelsea Green At Royal Rumble 2023

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• Zack Ryder Reacts To A Fan Saying WWE Buried His Wife Chelsea Green At Royal Rumble 2023

As seen at Royal Rumble 2023, Chelsea Green returned to WWE.

She entered the Women’s Royal Rumble match at #20 and got eliminated by Rhea Ripley in just 5 seconds.

This was a new record for the fastest elimination during Women’s Royal Rumble matches.

Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) tweeted the following about his wife’s return to WWE:

“In her first night back in WWE, Chelsea Green has already set a new Royal Rumble record!

I’m so proud of you babe!!! I love you.”

A fan then tweeted:

“Why did WWE bring back your wife just to immediately bury her? She deserves better, don’t you think?”

Cardona replied:

“You don’t understand wrestling lol”

Another fan tweeted:

“Never thought I’d actually say this in my life as he’s one of my ALL TIME favorites, ever…

I hate you, Triple H. No one wanted Cringe Queen Chelsea Green back.”

Cardona replied:

“Yes they did fat boy.”

The fan then replied:

“Like, what even is this? Are you a child? Is this 5th grade?

You’re great at your job, but I would expect a better insult since you were vain searching for your wife.”

Cardona then fired back:

“No I was looking for a photo of my wife to make a congratulatory post and I saw your stupid post fat boy. You definitely have a small little wiener and can’t even see it because of your fat belly.”

The fan continued the exchange:

“The funny thing is that you’re so insecure you have to QT to get your follower’s attention.

Sorry you’ve fallen so far. I don’t like anything about her, but I still enjoy your work in IMPACT. Good luck in all you do ‘Broski’.”

And Cardona wasn’t having any of it:

“No. I quote tweeted it so everybody knows what a real f**king negative a**hole you are. But you wine and b*tch when it’s thrown back at you… f**k off.”

Prior to last night’s show, Cardona also teased returning to WWE at Royal Rumble 2023, but he didn’t.

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