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Zelina Vega Issues Statement After Accusations Of Being A Scammer

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Prop Artist Mecha_Musume called out Zelina Vega for underpayment on Instagram. You can read the statement below:

“WWE Wrestler Zelina Vega with the custom Mecha Chancla we designed, printed, and hand stoned one by one that she practically got for free and severely under paid me for. Also wasted my time on a pair of cuffs, Mech Wings, and headset all hand stoned. She gave me the wrong address which resulted in my wings getting cooked in the 100 degree Florida sun melting it essentially, having to reship it, and then finding out the time specified was too late, then having a piece detach due to melted pieces from again. It getting damaged from being delivered to her old address that she thought she could pick it up from.

It was literally something so fixable and yet she said it was my fault and a skill issue, as well as her assistant saying I’m unprofessional for even saying it’s anything but my work, and my skills suck. She got all that valued at $2500 for $900 with a promise of exposure and I had to refund multiple customers and reject new orders to get this done. Hours upon hours of 3D designing everything, bedazzling everything one by one, custom painting everything, attaching LED’s, crystalizinng the transparent part of the wings.

A labor that should’ve taken months I did in 2 and a half to 3 weeks with non stop breaks and no sleep. Only for her to return everything, dispute the amount without deducting what she kept via PayPal and keeping the Chancla and Headset for practically change.

Safe to say I will never work with a celebrity that tries to scam me for cheap services and practically free items again, and I will never bedazzle either. I definitely do not want to work with celebrities or influencers again, they always expect super cheap or free stuff and excessive labor just because it’s them.


Zelina Vega issued the following statement on X:

“Welp, had to reactivate Twitter just to correct people. Screenshots, photos & videos to come. Last thing my husband and I are, are scammers, so! Time to make things clear. Alllll of it.

And for the people who want to threaten, lie and create fake ‘new scam scenarios’ to jump on the hate train because they think it’s fun and cool for social media, do better.. bcz you’re about to be proven very wrong.

**I do not want any hate sent to ANY of the people (including Mecha) or situations that I’m about to clear up** if you’re a fan of mine, please don’t. This isn’t meant to be ‘twitter fun’ but I do have the right to defend myself. Excuse the slow responses as it is a travel day. None of my other gear makers have ever had an issue with me and if they did, we handled it in person.

My intent, despite being highly upset at what trolls blew this up to be, is to get to a place where everyone feels ok about things as I thought that is where my team and her got to. Once it left my hands (I was moving, working and dealing with a sick family member) I left it in their hands and it seemed to be settled.

Starting with @sangrebomb because Mecha is a lot more involved and I’m going to be recording a video, not that you can tag a person that blocked you on IG anyway:

I asked would you be interested, do you want compensation, they said no. I still offered everything else and even surprised them by getting them tix and brought them backstage to say thank you personally. They went back on the original agreement and wasn’t clear about what they now wanted and I stopped using their image on the controllers and respectfully cut ties. How am I the bad guy here?”

She shared the following screenshots as well:

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