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The 12 Heaviest Pro-Wrestlers In History

We ranked them all, based on the heaviest they ever were while still being a part of Professional Wrestling.

There are quite a few lists out there where others tried to list them, but we can guaren-damn-tee you, that this is by far the most accurate one and nothing comes even close to our legitimate list of the heaviest Pro-Wrestlers of all time:

12. André The Giant

560 lbs / 254 kg

I think it’s safe to say, that all of you know who “The Eighth Wonder of the World” André The Giant was.

If you’re an Old School Professional Wrestling fan and you’ve never heard about André, there’s something terribly wrong with you.

He started wrestling professionally during the 60s in his home country of France (Europe) and he was also quite agile for his size, but it was during his final years, where André went through a lot of injuries, and was in constant pain.

 - Heaviest Wrestlers of All Time

Rest In Peace André The Giant
May 19, 1946 – January 27, 1993

11. Big Sal E. Graziano

600 lbs / 272 kg

If you watched ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling during the late 90s, there’s a good chance, that you might remember Big Sal E. Graziano.

This huge 6’9″ wrestler was part of the famous F.B.I. The Full Blooded Italians stable, where he worked some sort of a bodyguard/security role.

Graziano is one of only 2 guys on our Top 12 list who’s still alive, and has lost a lot of weight in recent years.

Big Sal E. Graziano

10. Man Mountain Mike

600+ lbs / 272+ kg

Some of the older fans of you might remember this Super Heavyweight Wrestler from back in the day.

Man Mountain Mike toured a lot of territories, starting in the mid 60s, and even had a career in the WWWF World Wide Wrestling Federation from 1975 to 1977.

After his career in Professional Wrestling, he opened ‘Man Mountain Mike’s Drycleaners’, as well as a taxi service, and became a school bus driver.

Man Mountain Mike

Man Mountain Mike

Rest In Peace Man Mountain Mike
September 15, 1940 – April 30, 1988

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