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8. Stephanie McMahon Talks About Ronda Rousey Possibly Coming To WWE After Her UFC Career

During a recent interview with USA Today, Stephanie McMahon was asked about Ronda Rousey possibly working for WWE after her UFC career, Ronda’s appearance at WrestleMania 31 & more. Below are the highlights:

On Ronda possibly joining WWE after her UFC career:

“Our fans love Ronda. Ronda has this cross platform appeal in terms of all forms of entertainment. We would welcome her with open arms. She is the total package.”

On Ronda’s segment at WrestleMania 31:

“The moment was awe inspiring. Our business works the best when there is magic and energy in the air, and Ronda’s presence brought that. With a guest appearance like Ronda’s, to work best it has to be genuine and authentic.

Ronda Rousey with The Rock at WrestleMania 31

Ronda Rousey with The Rock at WrestleMania 31

Pop culture is a huge strategy for WWE, our storylines are reflective of what’s happening in the world and what’s popular. In sports, it doesn’t get much more popular than Ronda.”

On Ronda being a fit for WWE:

“Muhammad Ali credited pro wrestling for where he got his trash talking skills and persona. I would like to think there is a bit of ‘Rowdy’ and wrestling history in Ronda and the way she carries herself, but she is definitely her own individual brand.”

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