22. Tekno Team 2000

What kind of gimmick was that? Who or what were these two Wrestlers supposed to portray? Your guess is as good as ours. Tekno Team 2000 was Old School Wrestling Legend “Cowboy” Bill Watt’s son Erik Watts (as Tryo), paired with Football player Chad Fortune (as Travis) in really odd silver and maroon wrestling gear.

They were probably supposed to portray wrestlers from the future or something similar, but the fans never bought it and the team wasn’t around for long.

21. Mantaur

Half man, half Taurus, … Mantaur!

While Mike Halac wasn’t a bad big man wrestler at all, that gimmick didn’t exactly have any potential for him to make it very far in the WWF.

The outfit where he was wearing a big bull-head for his entrances, didn’t help his case either.

Jim Cornette is widely considered to be one of the TOP 5 managers in professional wrestling history, but not even he was able to get Mantaur over.

By the way, according to various reports, Cornette being paired with this character was a prank, someone in management played on the famous manager.

Damn, what is it with the mid-90s and bad gimmicks? ?

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