20. Saba Simba

A lot of the Internet Smarks falsely claim that this gimmick was “racist” or something similar, which is clearly FALSE. Tony Atlas was broke at that time and needed a job, so Vince took his former employee back under his wings, but under a new gimmick.

Yes, we can all agree, that him getting a new gimmick instead of just wrestling under his real name was wrong, no doubt about that, but definitely not because of anything related to racism, that’s for sure. When a name is established such as that of Tony Atlas, a new name & gimmick usually never works, same with former WWF World Champion The Iron Sheik becoming Colonel Mustafa in 1991, but at least that made sense because they needed an Iraqi, not an Iranian.

The Saba Simba character portrayed a proud warrior from an african tribe, living in the jungle, which is not something that didn’t exist in real life. Basically this was a historian character, based on real people that existed and to a very small degree still exist to this day.

If portraying real life historical figures was “racist” (which is factually not the case), then The Berzerker (vikings), Bob Orton Jr. (cowboys), The Honky Tonk Man (Elvis Presley) & Hillbilly Jim (farmers) would also be considered racist. I think everyone gets it by now.

Still not a gimmick that could get him over plus a total waste of this unique, powerful WWF Legend.

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