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2 Former World Champions Leaving TNA Wrestling

Magnus is leaving TNA Wrestling after this Sunday’s Slammiversary 2015. He will be joining Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and will work their first TV tapings on July 24. Nothing has been announced publicly as he worked this week’s Impact Wrestling tapings, so he will be on TNA TV for 2-3 weeks after Slammiversary.

James Storm, who is Magnus’ Slammiversary 2015 opponent, recently asked for his release from TNA Wrestling and has been granted his release. He also worked this week’s Impact Wrestling tapings, so he’s also expected to be on TNA TV for a few weeks after his departure. In a recent interview with The News Hub, TNA wrestler Davey Richards revealed why he didn’t sign with WWE after his tryout:

“We couldn’t commit to going down there and going into their system. I can’t go down there and train 5 days a week at NXT because I’m in school, I’m in medical school full-time. It is very important for me to get my doctorate and I’m also a full time firefighter/paramedic and that’s something that’s very near and dear to me to. For me, I operate best just in life just to being having Davey time, wrestling time, and then coming home and having Wes time. I love wrestling, I also love saving people’s lives and helping and medicine and things like that. So I don’t love one more thing than another so for me it’s just doesn’t work out for me to go 100% into wrestling and that’s just my personal thing.

Pursuing my doctorate is kicking my butt, so I have a full time job and I wrestle full time and I go to school full time so for me to give up all of that just to go to NXT wouldn’t work out. I have to concentrate on that. They had some names and I said well could I be something Billington because well Tommy Billington is The Dynamite Kid, my number one inspiration in wrestling. They were cool with it and it was all good.”

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