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2 Former WWE Wrestlers Reportedly Going To AEW

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• Old School Attitude Era Diva Celebrates Her Birthday

Old School Attitude Era Diva Debra celebrates her 60th birthday today.

Debra was married to WrestleMania XI celebrity & former SuperBowl winner Steve “Mongo” McMichael, whom she accompanied as a valet in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling from 1995 until she divorced him in 1998 and left the company.

After joining the World Wrestling Federation in October 1998, she became the valet of “Double J” Jeff Jarrett, whom she knew from a storyline both were in during their time in WCW, but Debra eventually ended up falling in love with the company’s #1 guy at that time, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The two got married and she changed her name to Debra Williams, also managing her husband on WWF TV at that time, until both left the promotion in June 2002 due to creative differences.

A month later, Austin filled for divorce, which was finalized in early 2003.


• 2 Former WWE Wrestlers Reportedly Going To AEW

During a recent YouTube video, Matt Hardy confirmed that he’s done with WWE. Below is what Hardy said:

“This is what happened as of this current time, I have decided to let my contract with WWE expire. I am going to become a free agent and that’s not saying I’m not ever going to return to WWE.

It’s just time for me to take a break and become a free agent. I didn’t want to leave WWE because it is my home. The reason I needed to leave WWE is because when it comes to my creative stance and my outlook on myself and my career and how I wanted to go for these last three or four years that I have left to spend as an active in-ring competitor I just think myself and WWE are on different pages.”

With that being said, Brad Shepard is reporting that Hardy and Luke Harper are both going to AEW:

“According to a source, Matt Hardy and Jon Huber (FKA Brodie Lee on the independent circuit, and Luke Harper in WWE) are expected to sign with AEW.

I’m told [Harper’s] non-compete agreement with WWE ends soon.”

Word going on is that Harper will make his AEW debut on the March 18th episode of AEW Dynamite in his hometown of Rochester, NY.

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