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2 Names That Were Considered For “Face Of WWE” Push Instead Of John Cena

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16-Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was the “Face of WWE” for over 10 years, before Roman Reigns was put in that position.

During a recent episode of his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson revealed that Vince McMahon considered making Randy Orton and Batista the “Face of WWE”, but went with Cena in the end.

Arn said the following about grooming Cena for this massive role:

“Vince wanted to give Randy Orton or Batista the push. When he decided on John he just said to me one day, ‘Okay Arn, I am giving Cena to you, teach him how to work, teach him the business,’ just like that.

From that point on I guess he told whoever assigned the matches, ‘Give Cena to Arn,’ and I started working with him and worked with him the entire time that he was being groomed and what he became.

Some guys already started to balk at it and I had to do some politicking with these guys and let them know it’s okay.

Normally you wouldn’t get beat in that amount of time but hey, it’s going to be everybody guys so don’t be the guy that bucks up and loses their job because everybody is going to put the guy over and in record time.”

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