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2 WWF Legends Diagnosed With Cancer

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• 2 WWF Legends Diagnosed With Cancer

On a video posted on his official Instagram account, Old School WWF Legend ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan revealed that he has prostate cancer.

Duggan himself will take a break from social media but his wife will continue to update the fans on the condition of the WWE Hall of Famer.

Jim was successful in beating renal cancer over two decades ago during his WCW days, so we can only hope that he will also overcome the illness once again this time as well.

Here’s what Fred Ottman (Tugboat / Typhoon / Shockmaster) posted on Facebook:


And here’s what ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase posted on his Facebook page:

“As many of you may have heard my good friend Hacksaw Jim Duggan is heading into surgery tomorrow in the fight against prostate cancer. He may be everyone’s favorite tough guy, but he could always use the support of the #WWE Universe.

I’d like to put together a “Get Well” card for him on behalf of myself, The Wrestling Collection, and all of the fans. If you’d like to have a message included please visit the link below to share your favorite memory or send some words of encouragement.

Share this in all of the wrestling groups and with all of your friends! Let’s show him just how united the WWE Universe really is!

Leave Your Message Here >> https://milliondollarman.com/hacksaw


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A few days back, another WWF Legend was diagnosed with cancer: Jim Ross.

Good Ol’ JR revealed on Twitter that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer. Here’s what he tweeted:

“Skin cancer confirmed. Waiting on radiologist study to determine best treatment. Likely radiation.

Feeling great and ready to attack.

Thanks for the support from so many.”

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