24 Lies Virgil Told The Fans

24 Lies Virgil Told The Fans

After reading all these lies, you will probably ask yourself: “Is Virgil ever telling the truth?”

The lies on this list are all well documented and he has actually told all of them at least once. The thing is, whether he is lying on purpose or just has very bad memory, some of these lies are just hilarious.

Way too funny, not to put them out for everybody to see.

24. “When I first met Ted Dibiase Jr., he was about maybe a month or 2 months old”


Ted Dibiase Jr. was born on November 8, 1982, but Virgil didn’t meet him until 1987.

23. “I had the Million Dollar Belt about a year after I won it”


Virgil held the title for 77 days before Repo Man returned it to Ted Dibiase.

22. “This Million Dollar title belt that I have is worth $850,000”


It’s a replica belt, yet he claims it’s worth 4x more than the original Million Dollar belt.

21. “I was the first african american graduate of the university of Virginia”

Strangely Virgil couldn’t name a building or any of the stadiums and much less did he know about grounds or years.

20. “I won three NCAAs at Iowa”

Iowa? Didn’t he just say he went to Virginia?

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