19. Beaver Cleavage

Let’s be honest, incest is a very controversial, disgusting and sick topic, not just in professional wrestling, but in general.

It’s safe to say that there is no place in pro wrestling for that kind of sh*t, considering that any sort of incest storyline wouldn’t sell a single ticket or PPV, nor help boosting a TV-Rating in any way, shape or form. If anything people would change the channel in disgust, so how the WWF, most likely Vince Russo, came up with the Beaver Cleavage story, is beyond me.

We all loved the 1960s TV show ‘Leave It to Beaver’ but giving a Headbanger Mosh that gimmick and spice it up by teasing that he has a sexual relationship with his storyline mother Mrs. Cleavage (portrayed by female bodybuilder Marianna Komlos) was going too far. Period.

This gimmick crap would rank way higher on our list, if they had actually done more than just teasing the incest, but luckily they gave up on the gimmick and had Mosh reveal on TV that she wasn’t really his mother.

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