18. G.I. Bro

When, after all the years as a Tag Team wrestler with his brother Stevie Ray in Harlem Heat, Booker T started to wrestle as a singles wrestler in 1998, most experts & journalists, predicted a bright future for him. The sky was the limit, or so it seemed. Those predictions eventually became true, when he won his first ever World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Bash at the Beach 2000, but only a month before that big moment, Booker T portrayed a character he last used when he broke into the business in 1989/1990: GI Bro.

Obviously a reference to the popular G.I. Joe action figures at that time, the gimmick wasn’t going to do anything for the already established WCW Superstar, other than holding him back from achieving his dreams, so he returned as Booker T again soon thereafter.

17. Max Moon

The extraordinary gear for this character was indeed custom made for lucha libre wrestler Konnan, who was under contract at that time, but that’s about it.

For whatever reason most Old School fans falsely assume that it was always Konnan who portrayed this character, but that’s not true.

In fact Konnan only wrestled 1 (!!!) televised match as Max Moon and 3 matches as Comet Kid in a similar gear, before leaving the WWF and returning to Mexico.

Vince replaced him with Paul Diamond (Kato of the Orient Express) right away, who portrayed this crappy gimmick for most of its run from September 1992 until February of 1993.

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