16. Isaac Yankem, D.D.S.

While Kane is easily among the greatest gimmicks of all time, Glenn Jacobs’ first World Wrestling Federation character in 1995 was pretty bad. He had to portray an evil dentist, based on the cheap Horror Trash movie ‘The Dentist’, that was filmed the same year.

Jerry “The King” Lawler brought Isaac Yankem in to help him in his ongoing feud against Bret Hart, but the big guy would lose to the Hitman at SummerSlam 1995, as well as 2 months later on RAW in a Cage match. The last televised match of the character was on the April 29, 1996 episode of WWF Monday Night RAW, when Yankem lost to Old School WWF Legend The Ultimate Warrior.

15. The Renegade

WCW wanted The Ultimate Warrior. But The Ultimate Warrior wasn’t about to sign a WCW contract. So what did WCW president Eric Bischoff do?

That’s right. He created his own Ultimate Warrior. 5’10” 255 lbs Rick Wilson would portray their version of the Warrior, only it would be called The Renegade.

What made this rip-off a lot worse though, was WCW constantly teasing the WCW debut of The Ultimate Warrior in several promo videos, leading to the WCW Uncensored 1995 PPV, so people were expecting the former WWF World Champion to show up at the PPV, but what they got to see, after already buying the PPV i might add, was just a cheap copy and everyone could easily tell within a second that this was not the real Warrior.

EPIC FAIL! But if you think that was it for the character, you’re wrong. WCW didn’t learn from their mistake and even went as far as booking Renegade to defeat Arn Anderson for the TV Championship.

Gimmick Crap at it’s very best!

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