14. T.L. Hopper

Ever wanted to see a wrestling plumber? No, not a son of a plumber like “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, an actual plumber who wrestles in full plumber outfit! Neither did we!

Memphis Wrestling veteran “Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony was chosen to portray that character but it wasn’t for long till he was basically reduced to being a jobber for the stars. What a surprise… Then when they finally got rid of the T.L. Hopper gimmick, they brought Tony back as Uncle Cletus, heel manager of the Godwinns, a character that almost made our list too, but ultimately didn’t.

13. Bastion Booger

Let’s get something straight, I absolutely love this gross & obnoxious character and was disappointed that Booger was only on WWF TV for a little more than 6 months, but does that make it any less of a crappy gimmick? Obviously not.

In fact it was sooooo bad, it was good again ?

Bastion Booger was veteran Mike Shaw, better known as Norman The Lunatic in WCW, an asylum inmate managed by Teddy Long, who later became Trucker Nor, as if someone gave a lunatic a drivers license for Trucks. But hey, this is only a list of 25 so there’s not enough space to include those as well.

Bogger’s entrance theme song consisted of sounds of farts & burps and more often than not he was seen eating food on his way to the ring, which he ate in a very disgusting way. Enough said!

12. The Yeti

The Yeti – WCW Debut (Halloween Havoc 1995) von OldSchoolWrestling

Most Old Schoolers remember the finish of the Halloween Havoc 1995 PPV, where The Dungeon of Doom attacked Hulk Hogan, who had just lost his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against The Giant (The Big Show).

You either saw it back in 1995 when it happened or on WCW VHS or later on when WWE used it several times in their highlight videos on Youtube, but those who haven’t, have certainly watched the PPV on the WWE Network by now.

When The Dungeon was already beating up The Hulkster, The Yeti came out, but – who could’ve exptected that? – looked more like a mummy than an actual Yeti.

The infamous double bear-hug by The Giant and The Yeti must have really hurt Hogan badly …

This crappy gimmick was portrayed by 7’1.5″ Ron Reis, who eventually became known as Raven’s Flock member Reese, but not before he turned the Yeti character into The Super Giant Ninja.

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