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2x WWE Hall Of Famer Takes Credit For Randy Savage Taking His Slim Jim Sponsorship To WCW

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On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Kliq This’ podcast, 2x WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash took credit for ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage being able to keep his Slim Jim sponsorship to eventually take it with him to WCW, when Randy joined them in late 1994.

Here’s what Big Daddy Cool had to say about Savage taking Slim Jim from the WWF to WCW:

“I had a lot to do with that. They came to me, because I was the champion, and we did a Slim Jim commercial. When we were wrapping things up, I was talking to the execs, and I said, ‘Man, I’m not the guy. This is synonymous with Randy. You should stick with Randy.’

On my son’s urn, I said, ‘You should stay with Randy’. Oops, I thought I was doing Macho a favor. He’s up there looking down on me going, ‘Nash, you always had my back’.”

Savage had numerous iconic moments in the wrestling world, one of the most memorable aspects of his career was his partnership with Slim Jim.

In the mid-1990s, Randy Savage became the face of Slim Jim, a popular brand of beef jerky snacks. His association with Slim Jim not only solidified his status as a pop culture icon but also left an indelible mark on the advertising world. Savage’s famous catchphrase ‘Snap into a Slim Jim!’ became synonymous with the brand and is still remembered fondly by fans to this day.

Savage’s over-the-top personality and intense delivery made him a perfect fit for Slim Jim’s marketing campaign. His commercials featured him enthusiastically promoting the snack while showcasing his trademark energy and charisma.

The commercials were so successful that they helped boost Slim Jim’s sales and turned Savage into a household name beyond the wrestling ring.

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