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4 Originally Planned Matches That Got Nixed For WrestleMania 34 Involved A Match For Vince McMahon

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (August 26, 1991) – WWF SummerSlam 1991

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on August 26, 1991, the World Wrestling Federation aired ‘WWF SummerSlam 1991’ LIVE on PPV from the Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

Most people consider this the greatest overall SummerSlam event of all time, and we’re not claiming they’re wrong!

Here are the PPV results:

– The British Bulldog, Ricky Steamboat & The Texas Tornado defeated Power and Glory & The Warlord

– WWF Intercontinental Championship

Bret Hart defeated Mr. Perfect (c)

– The Natural Disasters defeated The Bushwhackers

– Million Dollar Championship

Virgil defeated Ted DiBiase (c)

– Jailhouse match

Big Boss Man defeated The Mountie

– Street Fight – WWF Tag Team Championship

The Legion of Doom defeated The Nasty Boys (c)

– Irwin R. Schyster defeated Greg Valentine

– Match Made In Hell

Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior defeated Col. Mustafa, General Adnan and Sgt. Slaughter

Match Made In Heaven – Wedding

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• 4 Originally Planned Matches That Got Nixed For WrestleMania 34 Involved A Match For Vince McMahon

During a recent interview with the Wrestling Estate, Jon Robinson (author of a WWE backed book Creating The Mania: An Inside Look at how WrestleMania Comes to Life) revealed that the following 4 matches were being considered for WrestleMania 34, but got nixed due to various reasons:

– The Usos vs. The New Day

– Kurt Angle vs. Jason Jordan

– Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

– Vince McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

Below is what Jon said:

“Look at the Usos. In character, they’ve always wanted to be on the main card of WrestleMania, but in real life, it means so much to them, especially with the legacy of their father. They pushed so hard throughout the year to be able to get to WrestleMania.

There were so many matches being pitched behind the scenes. New Day and Usos were hoping for some kind of TLC match. Kevin Owens was hoping to wrestle Vince McMahon after the headbutt incident.

There were a lot of matches in play that could have completely changed the card. And then you hear from creative about injuries affecting things like Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose, and then Ambrose got injured.

They were also trying to do Kurt Angle vs. Jason Jordan, but then Jordan got injured.”

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