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4 Top Stars Reveal Their Future In AEW

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Sports Illustrated just broke the news that Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam Page and The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), together known as The Elite, have signed new multi-year contracts to remain with AEW.

Along with being in-ring performers, Omega & Young Bucks will also remain Executive Vice Presidents.

Omega had the following to say about re-signing with All Elite Wrestling:

“Our original goal was to create a wrestling alternative and give a platform to talented people that we’d all felt deserved a spotlight.

I feel like we did our best in that time, and hopefully some people you’d never heard of pre-AEW are folks you enjoy watching today. Or if you knew them from their previous work elsewhere, have maybe found a new appreciation for them.

That feeling, combined with the feeling of knowing they can provide for themselves and their family doing what they love, was always the biggest reward of being an EVP/founder.”

Matt Jackson said:

“We’re literally the ‘E’ in AEW. The Elite are the main characters of this company. No matter how different AEW is now from its original inception, we are the DNA. And if you lose the foundation of your home, it eventually collapses. It’d be a lie if I said that didn’t weigh on us, when making the decision.”

Nick Jackson said:

“If we’re going to be honest the schedule was a huge part of it. I have a wife and three young children and seeing them as much as possible was a big factor. I’m not going to lie, the money was a huge factor, too.

At this point of my life and career, I just couldn’t see myself being on the road half of the year or even more than that. I have so much respect for the guys and girls that are able to do that year after year.

We for sure could’ve made memories in WWE, but what’s more important to me is making memories with my family. With the position we’re in, I’ll be able to do that and still make memories in AEW.”

Hangman Page said:

“I think it’s very meaningful that, as a day one guy, I stay with AEW. It’s likely that I will one day finish my career here. Hopefully that can help the future generations see that there can be more than one path to success.”

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