5 Greatest ECW Heavyweight Champions Of All Time

5 Greatest ECW Heavyweight Champions Of All Time

Were you watching ECW during their 9 Years of existence in 1992 – 2001 ???

If you were, then you certainly had your favorites, but today on this list we’re focusing on the Greatest ECW Champions in History, based on various factors, but for the most part referring to their importance for the Company during their time as ECW Champions.

5. The Sandman
Admittedly not the best Wrestler when it came to the actual moves, holds & High Spots, The Sandman had his success in the business due to his Gimmick. There has never been a Wrestler with an Entrance like him, smoking a cigarette & drinking beer, often also coming through the crowd …

But what made that Entrance really special, was his epic Entrance Theme Song: Metallica – Enter Sandman. The Sandman is a 5 time ECW Champion, including 4 Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championships & 1 NWA Eastern Championship Heavyweight Championship.

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